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Transformation is never out of fashion …

„It has always been that way here!“ Sales Departments are used to a certain autonomy and have their own culture. For this reason, change processes often run a little bit differently here than in other departments. Find out how you can successfully implement a new sales strategy, tap hidden energy in managers and employees and fulfil customer expectations: download our free white paper on the topic „Change Management in Sales: Why Sales Has To Change – And How It Can Succeed“ here.

Renewable energy remains the market of the future. Still, enthusiasm and idealism have departed, the industry is facing far-reaching changes. Most companies have missed the boat on leaving the start-up phase behind them and setting course for a successful future. New leadership and organisational structures must be developed and all employees need to be integrated into the process. Read our free white paper on how you can achieve this „Standstill in the Movement? Human Resources and Organisational Development Challenges faced by Renewable Energy“.