Top-performers developed – lack of leaders circumvented

A large German automobile producer wanted to focus on expansion in China and Brazil. However, there was a serious lack of qualified experts for leadership candidates locally. The company decided to found a worldwide talent program for the third management level in order to discover potential candidates from within the company early on, and to be able to develop them.

Our task was to devise a program that could be implemented as the standard worldwide, and to conduct it in German and in English. To achieve this, we put together a team of experts that consisted of customers and representatives from the respective countries; this team was in charge of the implementation. The first step was to isolate the strengths and areas for development of the participants through a potential analysis and feedback meeting.

In a workshop held four weeks later, the participants had the opportunity to clarify in which direction they wished to develop; which would also be used for their further qualification for leadership positions. An important component here was the real Business Cases, which the participants conducted in front of the other participants, and whose challenges they, as leaders, would need to master.

After one-and-a-half months, each participant took part in a coaching session in which potential and strengths were discussed and refined. Their personal learning was rounded out and the first concrete steps towards implementation discussed.

The talent program allowed the participants to recognize what strengths they had and how they could best use them professionally. Step by step, employees from within the company could get qualified for and built up for their new responsibilities in leadership positions. Thanks to this worldwide program, the automobile producer can identify more employees who can face and master the challenges of a leadership position.