Ralf Seidel


»Awareness of one’s own strengths and limitations is the basis for successful leadership!«

My Best Project Experience

We have been responsible for the global middle-management talent program at a large automobile producer for a number of years already. As part of our work, we also had the task of running diverse workshops and seminars on the topic of “Global Responsible Leadership.”

It was particularly pleasing for me that the participants repeatedly gave positive feedback even with such a complex topic: our events were current with actual practice and the tools offered (Graves Model / ASSESS Potential Analysis) were extremely helpful for daily business.

Moreover, due to this work together with the automobile producer I received an invitation to the Global Responsible Leadership Initiative conference.The leaders of the most significant business schools worldwide were meeting at this conference to discuss leadership trends for the 21st century. I held a lecture and a workshop (in English) on the topic of “Leadership Transformation” – and it was, without doubt, one of the highlights of my career.

Work Focus

Design and implementation of complex change projects:
in particular, transformation of the company culture

Potential analysis and manager development

Professional Experience

Since 2004 Managing Partner
Detego, Hamburg
1999 – 2004 Branch Manager Hamburg, General Management
CSC Deutschland Akademie, Hamburg
1995 – 1999 Director and Owner
Trivalent, Hamburg
1993 – 1995 Free Trainer and Consultant
1991 – 1993 Assistant Department Manager and Management Consultant
CSC Ploenzke Akademie, Kiedrich
1990 – 1991 Head of HR Marketing and Management Development
Ploenzke Gruppe, Wiesbaden

Project Experience

Gauging culture and further development (Banking Industry)

Development and running of culture measurement for 5000 employees

Determination of the “desired culture” with the Board

Greatest challenge: rollout of the results to 300 managers over a very short timespan.

Merger process and active large project monitoring (State Bank)

Design and implementation of a value system and a common understanding of roles concerning the topic of “Leadership”

Lead critical projects to success through flanking change management

Greatest challenge: to encourage keeping an eye on the essentials as well as not losing yourself – in spite of a high workload and high complexity.

Global talent program (Automotive Industry)

Three things were to be designed and implemented: potential analysis with feedback by telephone, a workshop that made it possible to experience the forthcoming requirements, and individual coaching

Greatest challenge: to set this complex theme in such a way that it was as standardised as possible, but still interculturally compatible.

Departmental development (IT Service Provider)

Design and running of development and coaching processes for key players

Implementation of a new service self-concept for the customers

Greatest challenge: the simultaneous implementation of diverse large projects as well as ongoing cost-management into the organisation.

Project management rollout (Insurance Industry)

Design and running of rollout workshops for about 180 project leaders and about 80 potential clients from IT and other departments.

Design and running of a project-leader conference and supervision workshops for project leaders.

Greatest challenge: achieving high acceptance from the employees – in spite of the framework set by the Board and of which the majority of the employees were unaware.


Information Systems Studies, Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker