Juliane Pelz


»We cannot change the wind, but we can adjust the sail.«

My Best Project Experience

A few years ago the organisational structure of a large company was to be changed. The goal was to integrate both the employees and the management in the design of the change processes, as well as to awaken their curiosity about what was to come.

Over the course of an elaborate two-day kick-off event, the management team together with the employees trained the skills that would be necessary for both the change processes and the future organisational structure: handling unforeseen events, teamwork and the intensive exchange of ideas across hierarchical borders.

It was wonderful how the management and the employees got involved not only over the course of the two days, but also actively took on committed roles in the design of the change processes, allowing them to look back today on a successful transition of the culture from old to new.

What have I learned from this? That curiosity and involvement are two important elements for successful change.

Work Focus

Change Management

Organisational Development

Professional Experience

Since 2013 Consultant
Detego, Hamburg
2012 – 2013 Project Assistant
Greenlama Consulting, Bremen
2011 – 2013 Working Student
Work council, Astrium GmbH, Bremen
2010 Trainee
In-house consulting, Daimler AG, Bremen

Project Experience

Reorganization of HR Department (Industry)

Change management and team development

Greatest challenge: integrating employees and management in the active shaping of change over the long term.

Executive Development – Leadership and peer consulting (Industry)

Organisational Development, design and running of workshops

Greatest challenge: establishing an interdepartmental network for managers and introduce peer consulting.


Master of Science in Psychology and Business Psychology