Dr. Charlotte Heidsiek


Management Consultant:
»Paths come into existence because one walks them!«

My Best Project Experience

“Ms. Heidsiek, we have a problem.” That is how the Director of a mid-sized service company began our telephone conversation. The relationship between employees and managers had been more than just tense for a long time; conflicts came again and again.

In the first workshop, only with employees, the participants acknowledged their high, almost excessive expectations of their supervisors. The result: they showed understanding, put themselves in the positions of their supervisors and looked for ways that they could support them.

In the second workshop I brought both parties to the table. Employees and managers now developed ideas and steps to improve the situation in the department together.

Today – 4 years later – the department has developed further, but the atmosphere is still excellent and all of the participants are actively involved. My personal highlight … particularly when you think about how lost the situation was at the beginning!

Work Focus

Change Management:
Design and active monitoring of change processes (such as through large group events, conflict management, diversity management, training)

Leadership Development:
Coaching and training of managers (national and international)

Professional Experience

Since 2011 Management Consultant
Detego, Hamburg
2007 – 2011 Free Consultant and Academic Staff Member
Helmut-Schmidt-Universität / Universität der Bundeswehr, Hamburg
2005 – 2007 Process Consultant and Assistant Project Leader
Institut für technologiegestützte Bildung, Berlin/Hamburg
2003 – 2005 Academic Staff Member
Helmut-Schmidt-Universität / Universität der Bundeswehr, Hamburg

Project Experience

International Leadership Development (Automotive Industry)

Management training as part of leadership programs

Greatest challenge: discussing individual values and their consequences for leading a global company with the participants, all from different cultural backgrounds.

Development of a transformation map and design/active monitoring
of the change process (Retail)

Change Management

Greatest challenge: integrating the participants into the change process for the long term – and that during diverse projects that were critical to success.

Team development – improvement of communication and cooperation (Service Industry)

Organisational development

Greatest challenge: strengthening the employees’ trust of management, so that the employees could be integrated actively into the process.

Culture and Management Development (Service Industry)

Change management and training

Greatest challenge: to support the leadership team on the path to a performance culture and simultaneously to establish transparency in leadership activities.

Implementation of new IT solutions (Civil Service)

Change Management

Greatest challenge: to improve the communication between the IT Department and the other Departments, and so lay the foundation for mutual appreciation.


Educational Science Studies, Diplom-Pädagogin
Florenz, Bielefeld