Christian Brauner


»It isn’t concepts, but people who create change!«

My Best Project Experience

In a mid-sized company in Hessen there was no regular dialogue between employees and the top management – neither in person nor in the form of newsletters, mass emails or intranet. And yet, at that moment transparency and dialogue were particularly important, since there was a big upcoming change project that we were supposed to be facilitating.

I am still very pleased to have been a part of this project, since we were successful in our efforts to convince the somewhat “contact-shy” management to run two kinds of regular, dialogue-oriented events:

One of these is “leadership conferences,” in which managers are in personal contact with their supervisors and discuss important strategic questions; in the other one, “employee conversation circles”, the employees have the opportunity to turn to the top management to address their questions, worries and problems.

Both of these event types are now held at least three times yearly. That is how we created a living company culture.

Work Focus

Design and implementation of tangible changes in companies, such as:

– active monitoring of large IT programs and transformations
– increasing the customer orientation

Coaching of managers, program leaders, project leaders and account managers

Professional Experience

Since 2004 Managing Partner
Detego, Wiesbaden
1999 – 2004 Director
CSC Deutschland Akademie, Wiesbaden
1996 – 1999 Department Head and Authorised Signatory
CSC Deutschland Akademie, Wiesbaden
1992 – 1996 Management Consultant and Authorised Signatory
CSC Deutschland Akademie, Wiesbaden
1990 – 1992 Project Manager
CSC Ploenzke, Wiesbaden
1986 – 1990 Lecturer, Trainer and Instructor
Nixdorf Computer, Paderborn
Staatliche Studienakademie, Mannheim

Project Experience

Change project to accompany a multi-year, company-wide IT transformation (IT Industry for Financial Services Providers)

Development of a multi-year change architecture

Development and comprehensive rollout of a new service self-concept

Design and running of workshops for the clarification of critical project and program situations

Measures to improve the teamwork within and outside of the IT Organisation

Greatest challenge: the work with the managers, who had very little time due to their very heavy workload, but who needed to find time to effectively implement the transformation.

Change project for the improvement of customer orientation (IT Industry for Financial Services Providers)

Project leadership and participation in all measures implemented

Implementation of a practice-oriented marketing concept

Implementation of customer-contact instruments through which sustainable relationship management can be ensured

Development of management guidelines on the topic of customer-orientation, on which customers and employees alike can orient themselves

Greatest challenge: coping with the disparate perspectives and attitudes on the leadership team and convincing the managers that improvements to customer-orientation are necessary.

Change project to reduce costs and optimise quality (IT Industry for Financial Services Providers)

Planning and running of large group events

Active monitoring and coaching of managers

Clarification of process interfaces

Greatest challenge: overcoming the resistance of employees and establishing a clear separation of competences between line function and project leadership.

Optimisation of sales effectiveness and efficiency (IT for the Real Estate Industry)

Planning of a concept for sales operating figures, towards which the entirety of the sales process could be aligned

Offer-process optimisation

Rollout and change management

Greatest challenge: convincing the sales team that changes in sales are also important for the future of the company.

Design and active monitoring of the introduction of the optimisation of project-oriented organisation (Public Sector, IT Service Provider, Financial Services Provider)

Definition and implementation of line and project organisation

Definition of roles

Qualifications concept and training

Rollout concept and active rollout monitoring

Greatest challenge: teamwork between project and line organisation with regard to questions such as “Who is responsible for what?”, “Who is leading whom?” and “How are things escalated in certain situations?”


Mathematics and Sport for Teachers of Secondary School, 1st and 2nd Staatsexamen
Paderborn, Münster, Kassel

Postgraduate Studies in Information Systems