Charlotte Krapp


»Better trip a little on new ways than having to pause on the old ones.«

My Best Project Experience

Three departments were merged into one organizational unit. A new management team was formed and the employees were asked to work together in new teams.

In an intensive seminar, the management team had made agreements on joint cooperation and developed the strategic direction for the new organizational unit. Subsequently, a series of workshops with all employees and the management team were organized, where the new direction was presented.

Due to the intensive exchange in the mixed groups, not only the destination image for each employee became tangible, but also created the foundation for future cooperation. The curiosity and interest in their colleagues was triggered, the willingness to support each other and to look outside the box increased. As a result, staff and the management team contributed more and more ideas and jointly adopted an active role in the change process.

The management team indicated the direction and the employees got the opportunity to actively participate in the change. To use the ideas and the knowledge of the employees promotes not only the confidence of the employees in the leadership but also makes change much more successful.

Work Focus

Change Management

Team Development

Professional Experience

Since 2014 Consultant
Detego, Wiesbaden
2013 – 2014 Management Trainee
Regio Twente, The Netherlands
2012 Intern
Process management, Symbol Consultancy, The Netherlands

Project Experience

Reorganization and team development (Public sector)

Development of vision and mission

Process analysis and optimization

Conception and execution of trainings and workshops

Process optimization (management consultancy)

Process analysis and process optimization

Project management

Market analysis and marketing campaign (management consultancy)

Analysis of competitors

SWOT Analysis

Marketing plan


Bachelor of Science Psychology
Enschede, The Netherlands

Master of Science Corporate Communication
Enschede, The Netherlands