Annette Kinne


Management Consultant:
»The success of change is not determined by the head or mind but rather, by the heart and gut-feeling.«

My Best Project Experience

A city planning office requested support from me after having found themselves in economically difficult times. Our target was being well prepared for the future and becoming financially stable again. It quickly became evident that both owners were unsure as to whether either of them could see their futures in the company.

I started with coaching the owners: both were busy with their own values and personal visions of their lives. We subsequently led deep discussions about life goals, strengths, economic trends and future markets – and how well it could all fit together. The first ideas for a different business model with a new focus were developed in these talks – orientated on the future and strengths. That lifted the shroud of doubt over the current situation: the next steps seemed obvious. A new partner would be brought aboard, the new strategy would be implemented – and now the organisation has since become ‘agile’.

What was so fascinating about this project? It was clearly noticeable how important the integration of the new business models in conjunction with the life visions of the owners was. In these moments there were so much powerful energy in the room for honest discussion and for moving forward into the future.

These are the times which leave deep and lasting impressions and why it is worth it to work as a Change Manager.

Work Focus

Support of change processes
– Strategy processes
– Restructuring
– Optimisation of business processes, interfaces, structures, project management
– Team building


Organisational development, in particular IT

Professional Experience

Since 2016 Management Consultant
Detego, Hamburg
2013 – 2015 Head of Organisational Development
QSC, Hamburg
2012 – 2013 Head of Organisational Development
INFO AG, Hamburg
2005 – 2012 Organisational Developer
INFO AG, Hamburg
2002 – 2004 Senior Consultant Web
Info Business Systems GmbH, Hamburg

Project Experience

(IT and Telecommunications)

Process support after the merger between a telecommunications company and an IT company

Moderation of large group events

Bringing together of different organisational structures

Implementation of a profit center organisation

Greatest challenge: Joining the different organisational cultures.

Change-Management – Optimising the Core Processes of a ITC Service Provider
(IT and Telecommunications)

Design and implementation of optimised core processes in a profit center organisation

Facilitation of workshops on different management levels in order to find the best solutions for the optimisations

Design of the participation processes within the organisation

Greatest challenge: take as much time as needed until every manager has the same vision in mind.

Design & Implementation of a New Leadership Mission Statement

Facilitation of workshops with managers from different levels in order to develop a new mission statement of “Leadership”

Implementation of the new leadership mission statement in the organisation

Coaching of managers and boards in daily business in order to support the sustainable change in leadership

Greatest challenge: Sustainable implementation of change in daily business.


Degree in Business Education and Mathematics, Diploma of Economic Education

Coach for personal and organisational change