Alexander Kobs


Administrative Assistant:
»Successful transformations don’t come by themselves – you have to work for them!«

My Best Project Experience

My first self-written book was a particular milestone!

I knew that over 90 percent of all manuscripts received by publishing companies are rejected. In every free minute I fussed over my book; I weighed every word, searched incessantly for better formulations paid meticulous attention to the form. Normally you would receive a response from the publisher only after several months. But just a week after having sent in my manuscript, I received a call from the publisher: she would be pleased to publish my book.

So far more than 3000 copies have been sold and the second printing came out at the start of 2012! The publishing of a second book is planned for summer 2012. The book taught me that no good results can be produced without painstaking work – a realisation that is confirmed again and again in my current position.

Work Focus

Internal Controlling and Process Organisation

Professional Experience

Since 2004 Administrative Assistant
Detego, Hamburg
2001 – 2004 Project Assistant
CSC Deutschland Akademie, Hamburg
1995 – 2001 Customer Representative
Deutsche Allgemeine Versicherung, Frankfurt, Hamburg
1980 – 1990 Industrial Sales Representative
Siemens, Berlin, München, Paris

Project Experience


Industrial Sales Representative Apprenticeship
Siemens, Berlin