Merger successfully managed and new vigour developed

Through the merger of two banks into a corporation, our customer wanted to position itself in the market in a new way while also securing equity market competence. The goal: to hold their ground against the competition for the long term. In the process, the IT systems of the two banks had to be combined into a new IT system – and all within three years, while maintaining the existing high quality.

Technology is only as good as the person who operates it. And so, our task was to prepare the employees of both banks for their new responsibilities and to get them ready for the coming challenges. A new, functional enterprise was supposed to arise from two separate ones – and that without friction.

We went about it in four steps:

1. In order to establish a unified image in the eyes of the employees, we developed a common leadership understanding together with the top management, including setting binding values and procedures (such as for the future evaluation of employees).

2. Interface Workshops and Practice Workshops guaranteed that the processes in the value-added chain proceeded smoothly.

3. Together with the company leadership, we developed diverse, clearly-defined role and career models. The career paths of specialists and the conventional leadership were to be given equal value with immediate effect.

4. Particularly important: the employees of both companies were supposed to grow into a single team. We achieved that through regular workshops, in which the common goals were examined and mutual expectations discussed.

The Result:

All the managers took part actively in the shaping of the change processes and they all stayed with the company. Because each of them were committed and had a goal to focus on, a common culture took form within a very short time.

Thanks to the strengthened solidarity of the employees, even large problems are now overcome without trouble.

Thanks to individual training programs, the board has the ability to recognize top-performers and to develop them specifically.

And not least: the increased self-awareness of individual employees has led to a reduced error rate at the company – and all of the technical systems were able to be integrated without trouble.