Leadership team expanded from within their own ranks

A successful Financial Services company wanted to double the size of their leadership team. Over the previous five years, growth had averaged 15 percent. The goal was to fill the leadership positions primarily internally. Additionally, the expanded leadership team was supposed to achieve improved results and figures, as well as to increase the local annual profit margin of the branches by 25 percent.

With an eye to uniform leadership in the company, we developed a concrete leadership concept with all of the participants that answered three central questions: what does leadership mean in our company? How can we secure a uniform image of the leadership team? How do we deal with each other in the course of daily leadership activities?

Afterwards we conducted workshops on the issues of team development and coached the future leadership team on dealing with the employees. Since it was important to integrate young managers into the established management team as well, we set up a mentoring program in which experienced managers guided the new leaders.

The Result:

The newly-minted managers swiftly found their feet in their new roles, and were accepted immediately by their colleagues and employees. All the participants were highly-motivated and self-confident enough to act with poise even in critical situations. Performance in the branches was significantly improved: in the first year nearly all of them had surpassed the goal of a 25% increase to profit margins.