Improved market position through lower costs and higher quality

Our customer, an international safety engineering company, was already very successful at the start of our work together: good company results and a consistently strong market position. Accordingly, expectations for the continuing development were high. Costs were to be reduced further and high quality was to be maintained, at the least. The way forward was through modified company culture:

a unique project culture was to be set up together with the employees in order to be able to systematically direct innovation processes in the future.

First, the employees needed to be convinced that a change was necessary, for only with their support would it be possible to effectively go through the planned transformation in the company. And so we kept both the company leadership and the employees up to date continuously and actively integrated them into the change processes: we organised kick-off events with the management team and regular information events for those who were affected. In addition, assignments and roles were defined anew and the employees were given the opportunity to develop themselves professionally with an individual development path. At the same time, we stood as advisers to both the project leadership and the Human Resources development, in order to finalise the change process quickly.

The Result:

The new organisation and the changed processes allowed the company to become faster and more flexible: it is now a short path from idea to decision and on to implementation. A happy side effect: due to the new team structures, the employees are more motivated and more effective at their work.