Employees acquire strategic qualification and success increased

Our customer in the Renewable Energy industry needed to improve product quality and set up a research department; their HR plan and strategic HR development, however, were not geared towards the new requirements.

Company Goals:

1. Identify existing employees for these responsibilities.

2. Get them qualified.

3. In so doing, increase their loyalty to the company.

Our Tasks:

1. Check existing job profiles.

2. Upgrade these as necessary to include important competences.

3. Establish the new role model in the company.

Whether trainee or top executive – all employees needed to take on the new challenges and work on their own weaknesses in an appropriate program of qualification.

As the basis for our ongoing approach, we needed to know: what are the current core competences of the company? How will these look in five years? We created a questionnaire for the employees, in which they had to assess their own skills; at the same time, we surveyed the management. Afterwards, we compared the responses of the two groups and reconciled them with the desired requirements of the company. In this way we were able to produce a competence catalogue and could ascertain which areas were in need of further development.

The Result:

The existing skills of the employees could be optimised, weaknesses were evened out. Since then, project teams have been staffed based on competence. Moreover, thanks to the new catalogue of requirements, potential top-performers can be be identified and developed better. In so doing, the company has secured their competitiveness over the long term and can open up new markets and develop new products more efficiently.