Company culture developed in order to remain successful

Following the restructuring of a north German bank group and a change to the board of directors, the company culture was supposed to be redesigned. The central point was response to the following questions: what makes the company successful? Where do the leadership culture and company culture need development? What values are going to be vital in the future?

We wanted to find out which principles of success would continue to promise profit as well as how the company culture could be transformed for the long term. For this, all of the employees and managers needed to be pulling together and wanting to be involved in shaping the change. And so we started with a board retreat and considered what successful company culture could look like in the future. At the same time, we conducted a web-based employee survey on the “actual” and “desired” culture of the company. The results were summarised in a working paper and presented to the board.

Finally, from all of this we ascertained in which areas there existed a need for change, so that a common vision of the company culture could arise in the end. In this way a rather difficult topic to comprehend became tangible and measurable, all of the employees had gotten clarity and orientation and knew which values the company wanted to promote in the future.